Stand for Children

  • Together, we fight for change from the family to the federal level.
Stop The Attack on Public Education
The attack on public schools is causing challenges for teachers to provide quality education to all students. We must defend this critical pillar of democracy before it’s too late. Add your name in support of public schools, educators, and students.
National Initiatives
Our programs and campaigns create impact through a commitment to value-driven issues.
Center for Antiracist Education

Center for Antiracist Education (CARE) works with educators across the nation to:

  • Identify antiracist curriculum
  • Build antiracist expertise
  • Demonstrate what works
Center for High School Success

Center for High School Success (CHSS) partners with high schools to provide support and resources to significantly increase the number of ninth grade students on track to graduate.

Learn From History


Learn From history is a broad-based coalition of organizations representing millions of parents, educators, students and community members who support teaching accurate U.S. history in America’s public schools.

Teach Kindness

Teach Kindness provides educators with free access to powerful social-emotional learning content designed to teach fundamental life skills to students in grades K-8.

Home Visit Partnerships

Home Visit Partnerships give educators an opportunity to build relationships with families and lay trusting foundations that help students succeed.


In addition to Stand's broad national presence, we have direct local impact in the community.

Founded in 2009, Stand Arizona empowers parents to support their children’s education journey and advocates for proven policies and the funding necessary to ensure all students have access to a high-quality education.
Stand Colorado supports parents and community members in their fight for excellent public schools and works closely with local leaders to shape education policy and ensure the changes we fight for reach classrooms and directly support students.
Stand Illinois makes an impact by advocating for policies and funding that level the playing field so that all students have a fair chance to succeed in the classroom and in life.
Since 2011, Stand Indiana has worked to improve education outcomes for all children by utilizing a strong three-pillared approach: Parents, Politics, and Policy. We identify local education challenges, research data-proven solutions, and advocate for implementing those ideas that best serve students.
Active since 2012, Stand Louisiana works with parents, teachers, communities and partner organizations to mobilize around the shared commitment of improving public education and racial justice for all Louisianans.
New Hampshire
We partner with Granite State Progress to bring together leaders and education champions to protect public education, diversity, equity, and inclusion justice efforts.
North Carolina
We partner with Progress NC Action to bring together leaders and education champions to protect public education, diversity, equity, and inclusion justice efforts.
Stand Oregon is a movement of students, parents, educators, community leaders and education advocates focused on education equity and racial justice. Through our work, we’re determined to ensure every student in Oregon has equitable access to a world-class public education.
Stand Tennessee is focused on building coalitions towards educational equity and youth justice reform, breaking the school-to-prison pipeline, improving early literacy, increasing graduation success rates, and securing more equitable funding for our schools.